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Example Management Essays

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Supply Chain Risk Categories

This report will aim at identifying three supply chain risk categories, and suggest ways in which risk can be mitigated or managed within these categories.

Why do people resist change at work?

This essay examines why people resist change at work. It then explores how this resistance can be surmounted from an HR viewpoint.

The Role of Technology in Supply Chains

This essay aims to describe the role of technology in supply chains and assess its advantages and disadvantages to supply chain management

The Importance of Managing Risk

A variety of academics have provided numerous definitions of risk, with some being centred around specific business environments.

The Strategic Management of Diversity

This report is a discussion of the proposition that the strategic management of diversity leads to a wider range of ideas and abilities, offering greater..

Project Management Merger & Acquisition

Analyzing how a project manager approaches the define and design stages of a major merger and acquisition process involving the sale of marketing

Privacy & Organizational Communication Theory

This essay will consider and evaluate the proposition ‘privacy is dead- get over it’ by looking at organizational communication theory and practice.

Phillips Strategic Analysis

This section will consider an analysis of the global LCD industry and the factors within the strategic environment which will have an impact upon…

Change Management Strategy Report

Organisations are highly specialized systems and people working within the organisations are generally cynical to change in…

Organisational Learning Essay

A learning organisation is defined as an entity that encourages and facilitates the learning and development of people at all levels of the company

National Culture and Management

National culture is very diverse in the UK and affects management and organisation in a number ways. National culture includes the pervasive, shared…

Managing Diversity in the Workplace

Managing diversity’ first originated in the United States in the late 1980s and emerged as a result of anti-discrimination law and social equality issues

Managers Reducing Employee Stress

Employee stress is becoming an increasing problem for many managers across the world to combat. Occupational stress has been declared as a worldwide…

Management and Leadership: Carphone Warehouse

As this is being written Carphone Warehouse is part of The Carphone Warehouse Group PLC which consists of the Carphone Warehouse, a retail and distribution

Is leadership a skill that can be taught

The question that leaders are born or made has long been debated in the academia (Avolio, 2005). Like the debate on chicken and egg

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